Proven Custom Packaging Ideas to Make Your Promotional Gifts Stand Out?

  • Feb 9, 2015

Think Custom Packaging to Make Your Corporate Gifts Stand Out

Austin, TX

Question: When is a promotional item not just another promotional item?

Answer: When it becomes a gift worthy of being shown around to others. Like a swag bag.

At Geek Tech Branding, we were thrilled to provide some swag bag items for the Grammy Awards this past week and it seems like rock stars and celebrities will go onstage in front of their peers and read a teleprompter- just to get a cool and limited edition bag of promotional gifts.

Imagine what your clients, prospects and employees will do to get an awesome swag bag that you offer.

Custom packaging really does matter.

For your next event (trade show, conference, business meetings, etc.) try to create some sort of exclusivity around your swag to enhance the appeal of your promotional gifts.

Think about custom packaging.

One way to do custom packaging is to bundle and assemble your promotional items into a unique package (and I’m not talking about a brown corrugated box).

We have created metal lunch boxes for many clients with die cut foam inserts to hold their items and to make the appeal second to none.

perfect swag bag presentation retro lunchbox2

We have also created tons of custom mailing boxes for clients to be used as direct mail pieces.

Custom packaging ideas

custom packaging ideas

custom packaging ideas


Imagine using full color graphics on your swag boxes in the name of creating a magical moment.

custom packaging


BDA MLB Juicebox Custom Package


Custom packaging can create a lasting memento.

Custom packaging can create a memorable gift that has immense visual appeal and shows your brand’s creativity and out of the box thinking.

So…what will it be next time? Standard power charger or a power charger in custom packaging?






Will you be handing out a bunch of promotional items like a juggler  or as a single presentation piece that you can be proud of—and one that will be received warmly and enthusiastically?

Will your custom packaging be so exciting that it will be shown to others (both internally and on social media)?

The choice is yours.

Can we help you to create magical packaging?

Happy Promoting!

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