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  • Jul 17, 2019

There are a variety of ways that imprinted items can build up brands - especially when the items are as cool as the tech-related ones found here!


Since 1956, Geek Tech Branding has been providing high-quality promotional products. With a focus on tech gadgets, the company has seen trends come and go and is always offering up the latest and greatest devices. 


“We saw a need for more modern gifts and swag items and became a pioneer in the space,” says Principal Robert Piller. “With decades of international travel, trade shows and experience, we are always looking ahead to see what other products we can offer companies.”


While there are countless tech items out there, there are products that seem to remain crucial within this space, such as speakers. Whether people were listening to cassettes back in the day or are connecting wirelessly with their phones, speakers are used for entertainment, as well as in offices for, say, conference calls.


branded technology promotional tech gifts

Boulder Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker                 Wifi Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa


Two sectors that have seen more and more growth recently are mobile and smart devices.


From selfie sticks and key finders to PopSockets and solar-powered chargers, there are some great options for phones on 

logo tech gadget

Similarly, there are gadgets that help make homes even smarter, such as those that are voice-activated and plugs with wi-fi capabilities.  


The fact that Geek Tech Branding adds over 4,000 new items each month makes the selections all the better!


Utilizing imprinted items like these help companies in a variety of ways. In-house, employees can be equipped with desk supplies that boast the name/logo. At events, fans can be given swag that builds awareness and creates more of a following. Clients can receive branded gifts during the holiday season. A giveaway can take place. These products can be sold for promotions. The list goes on. 


“If you care about the quality of your promotional items and the ROI of your spend, we can help,” says Piller.


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