Shine The Light On Your Brand With These 10 Promotional Products

  • Dec 11, 2018


Light-up swag items can help you stand out from competitors!


Promotional products are a great way to bring awareness to your brand, and you can shed light on your product(s)/service(s) even further with branded items that light up!


For instance, if you are launching a business in the fall or winter, you can pass out glowing beanies that are imprinted with your company name/logo.


If your business sells outdoor gear, you can raffle off lanterns that boast your name/logo.


Or you can turn to generic lighted gadgets - like power banks or pens - which can also serve as forms of advertising and can also be used by anyone and everyone.


No matter your industry or goals, you should definitely be spreading the news about your brand, and we suggest using the following light-up promo products to do so!


Elite Bluetooth Speaker with Flashing LED Lights

This speaker features a 30-foot wireless Bluetooth connection range, up to three hours of playtime from a single charge and lights that flash festively when the device is paired and playing.


Light Up Yo-Yo

Show off your logo in a fun way via this blinking yo-yo!


COB Mini Pop-Up Lantern

This lantern lights up automatically when it’s opened and turns off when it’s collapsed. As mentioned, this is a good swag option for a sports/outdoor company, but audiences in numerous industries will be pleased to support you when using this pop-up lantern.


Sambro Light Stylus Pen

You can never have too many pens, so give these out to spread awareness about your company, and enjoy seeing a light shine through your imprinted name/logo.


UL Listed Light Up Qi Wireless 10000 Power Bank

Power banks are always a smart way to go when handing out promotional items. Plus, with this one, the logo will light up while it is charging!


Light Up LED Fun Spinner

Customers of all ages will enjoy getting these fidget spinners from you and your brand. These are great for reducing stress, encouraging focus and soothing anxiety and attention disorders.


Beanie With LED Light

Keep your fans and followers warm with this light-up beanie! It comes with different light settings, an on/off button and batteries.


Light-Up 20 oz Tritan Bottle & Solar Lantern

This water bottle’s lid contains a three-level light, which charges through a built-in solar panel. This handy product is another great one, when it comes to promoting your company through light-up items.


Light Up Mobile Phone Armband

Safety first! This armband lights up in the dark and features three light modes: steady, flashing and pulsing.


Light Up Logo Wifi Smart Plug with USB Output

Control your devices from anywhere with this wifi smart plug, which can turn things on and off from your smartphone or tablet! We live in a technology-driven world, so this would be a great swag item to hand out at events, in order to promote your brand.


As you can see, there are lots of options out there when it comes to imprinted items. Using these light-up products in order to market your brand will definitely help you stand out from competitors. Find more swag at!