Should You Choose Quality or Quantity When Ordering Promotional Products?

  • Dec 3, 2014

Choosing Quality vs. Quantity When It Comes to Promotional Products

Austin, Texas: With over 500,000 different promotional products to choose from, narrowing your selection can be a bit intimidating.

Too often deadlines are the main decider in which promotional products to select. Other times it is your assistant or a staff member.

However, keep in mind: the choice of your promotional products reflects your brand and image.

An inexpensive piece of swag that breaks or gets tossed out quickly will not put your company’s image in the best light.

A promotional product that is used often and is built well also reflects your business in a positive light.

If a gift has your name on it, you should be proud to hand them out or distribute them.

In my 30+ years in the promotional products business, I have always advises handing out fewer high quality promotional products vs. higher quantities of a poorly made products.

How do you want your customers, prospects and employees to think of your brand?

Your choice of promotional products should ALWAYS reflect that perceived image.

For the same budget you can go fewer but better and improve your brand image.

Happy Promoting!

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