Should You Market Tech Products to Seniors?

  • Jul 22, 2013

Seniors are Much More Tech Savvy Than Portrayed in Most Media

tech marketing to senior citizensAustin, Texas We all understand that Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials are considered to be very tech savvy and we continue to market to these groups with the understanding that they use iPhones, iPads and the internet in their day-to-day lives.

But how about senior citizens?

The majority of companies that market to this audience tend to treat them as tech-ignorant or tech-incompetent–which is a huge mistake.

Whether you are marketing senior housing, investment opportunities, or other products or services aimed at the senior market, do not avoid using and showcasing tech to this audience. They find it insulting.

Many seniors use Facebook, Twitter and emails on their phones– as well as regularly search online for directions, addresses, websites, restaurants, ratings, etc.

Ignore them at your risk.

In fact, I have seen a tremendous increase in companies branding high tech promotional products to give to seniors–including promotional stylus pens and tablet sleeves with their logo – in stead of journals and tote bags.

The senior market is ready to be treated intelligently by marketers. Are you willing to welcome this tech savvy senior market?

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