Show Appreciation, Spread Awareness & Appeal With Snack Gift Sets

  • Apr 21, 2020

These neat and thoughtful items can be sent straight to homes, with your logo on them.


Your employees may be working from home. Your customers and clients could be getting things done remotely. Your fans and followers are staying indoors. And you can gift them all with snacks!


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Snack gift sets are a very fun and festive way to show appreciation, spread brand awareness and appeal to your audience. They can also be customized with your organization’s or company’s colors and logo. 


See them all here, and consider the popular suggestions below.

branded snack gift sets

The WFH Snack Tote comes with lemon cookies, berry nut mix, caramel popcorn, peanut crunch and butter toffee caramels. 


The You're Appreciated Snack Bag includes sourdough honey mustard pretzels, lemon cookies, peanut crunch, smoked almonds and a dark chocolate sea salt seed bar.


The Sidney Sip & Snack Gift Tote has whole grain pretzels, berry nut mix, a dark chocolate sea salt seed bar and drink mixes inside a reusable drawstring gift bag, as well as a stainless steel bottle.


The Make Their Day Gourmet features hazelnut-filled cookies, cinnamon apple chips, peanut crunch, dark chocolate covered almonds, berry nut mix, caramel popcorn and sweet and tangy mustard with dipping pretzels.


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