Social Media Giveaways: How Giving Away Swag Can Lead To More Business For You

  • Jul 17, 2018

Tips On Launching A Successful Giveaway


Social media is always evolving, and since 88 percent of businesses use social platforms for marketing, brands must work harder than ever to stand out online and actually see success when using sites like Facebook and apps such as Instagram.


A great way to get attention and get more business is to host a giveaway through social media. And when it comes to giveaways, it is all about the triangle of success - meaning you must use powerful apps, targeted advertising and alluring prizes.



Three of the most popular giveaway tools out there are Rafflecopter, WooBox and AgoraPulse.


  • With Rafflecopter, brands can easily and quickly set up raffles and contests, which can then be copied and pasted into a website, displaying info like how many days are left within the campaign.

  • WooBox can also run sweepstakes, photo contests and even quizzes, with more possibilities when it comes to what kind of giveaway to run and where it will show up.

  • And AgoraPulse is a platform that not only can host giveaways but can also help brands publish on multiple networks, monitor engagement and track analytics.


We encourage you to do some research before hosting an online giveaway, in order to decide which app, site or platform will work best with your goals.



People run giveaways for many different reasons. A big company may want to raise money for a cause. A startup may be trying to get trending on Twitter. An organization could want to partner with a similar brand to get more followers.


Whatever the reason is, though, advertising is key. As many people as possible need to know about this contest, sweepstake or prize package, and there are three things to keep in mind when launching: what, who, wow.


  • WHAT is your giveaway all about? WHAT is the exact prize that will be given away?

  • WHO can enter? WHO is the target audience that will be interested in this particular giveaway?

  • WOW them with a high-quality image of what will be won, with catchy wording that will draw fans in and with a campaign that will make entering seem worthwhile...all while leading to more business for you.



A brand’s industry, location, size and goals all factor into picking out the perfect thing to give away. If you are a small local boutique, a gift card to your store could work. If you are a national restaurant chain, a lifetime supply of food or drinks may be possible for you.


We like the following ideas, though, since these items can be given away by any brand to anyone. Plus, they are all customizable, meaning you can have your logo or company name imprinted on any of them!


  • Power Banks: These portable devices keep people plugged in and on the go.

  • Drones: A drone is a trending object right now, providing fun for all ages!

  • VR Headsets: Similarly, virtual reality products are a great way to stay current and to give a gift with unlimited possibilities.

  • Speakers: With a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors, speakers never go out of style.

  • Fitness Trackers: And last but not least, fitness trackers are ideal for promoting healthy lifestyles and overall wellness.


So whether you are raising money, looking to build your following or joining in on a brand collaboration, a social media giveaway is a great way to go, as it will lead to more business for you. More people will know you exist. More fans will click over to your site. And more consumers will turn to your product and/or service. Just remember to choose the right app, the right type of ads and the best prizes possible, all for a successful giveaway!