Stepping Outside Your Personal Comfort Zone...and Welcoming Change

  • Oct 6, 2011

achieve greater success by getting past your limitations

What are you going to do to push your personal boundaries?

Austin, Texas: A few days ago I ran a 10K race for the first time in a long time. Granted, my time was not too impressive, as I nearly got lapped by the winners, but I pushed myself and I finished it.

Now, a few days later as I wait for my muscle soreness to heal, I am looking for other ideas to push my personal boundaries. Perhaps tandem parachuting for my birthday?

What are you doing to push yourself outside of your own comfort zone?

Are you going out with the same people each weekend because it is familiar?

Are you going to the same restaurants?

Do you go out with the same employees for lunch?

Sure, familiarity breeds comfort. That is a good thing.

But by pushing your boundaries, talking to new people, hearing other opinions, etc., you open yourself up to viewing situations in a new light.

Opportunities might be waiting for you if you just took the time to notice.

Tomorrow,take a different route to work. Better yet, if possible, take an alternative mode of transportation.

Talk to some employees you haven’t struck up a conversation with in a while.

Try a new restaurant…with other people.

View the world through a different prism every once in a while. Worse comes to worse, it will make you appreciate what you have.

More than likely, it might open up new ideas and opportunities for you.

What are you going to do to push your boundaries?

Take a karate class?

Attempt yoga?

Go to a dude ranch?

Learn to speak a new language?

Here’s to opening up our minds… and welcoming change.


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