SXSW Swag Bags: It's Your Response Rate and Post-Event Engagement That Really Matters

  • Mar 8, 2014

SXSW Swag: How Effectively Is Your Promotion and Branding in Tune With Your Marketing Objective?

sxsw swag bags

Photo of SXSW swag from a photo in the Austin Post in 2013

Austin, Texas: South by Southwest (SXSW) is all-consuming again in Austin right now – and we are proud to have worked with many companies this past few months in helping to find the right promotional swag for their events.

Whether it is for a conference, trade show, guerrilla marketing, etc. – each company has (or should have) a specific plan for why they are choosing to come to SXSW to do their marketing outreach.

Swag and swag bags are all the rage. People love promotional marketing items as a way to identify with a brand or to remember the event.

But when choosing the event–is your promotional item going to be “trinkets and trash” that will line the streets waiting for the garbage trucks to pick them up next week– or will they become keepsakes that help further a brand and encourages engagement?

To get optimal results, please ask yourself these questions the next time you are planning to give away swag or promotional items at an event.


  • How are your Measuring Your ROI?
  • What is your call-to-action?
  • Where is your call-to-action?
  • Is your promotional item aligned with your marketing message?
  • Does your promotional item help people to remember your booth?
  • How are you measuring post-show engagement or response?
  • Do you have a Unique ID number on each item that allows the recipient to log-in to your website for a special promotional rate, free offer, white pater, etc? (With variable rate data, this is a must for measuring ROI).


Next time you have an event or trade show, remember what your main goal is — and then work backwards to help achieve it.

Finding any last-minute swag may not be the best use of your marketing dollars.

Finding the right swag can and will make all the difference.

Enjoy SXSW and all our great city of Austin brings to the table.

See you again next year.