Technology Trends In A Pandemic & Beyond

  • Nov 5, 2020

Certain gadgets have become even more popular than usual, and brands can use them to stay safer and to promote themselves. 


We live in a world full of technological advancements, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in the use of certain gadgets.


promo speakerDown below, some current trending products are listed, along with their uses during COVID-19 and beyond. All of these high-quality items can also be customized with names, logos and colors, making them great promotional gifts for brands. 


Earbuds & Speakers

During A Quarantine: These have been utilized for remote workers, as professionals take calls and join video conferences.

Beyond: Earbuds and speakers come in handy professionally and personally, as they are also turned to when listening to music, enjoying an audiobook or watching TV/movies. 



Throughout The Pandemic: Since more people have been working from home, more people have been upping their safety measures, adding in elements like data blockers and webcam covers.

Beyond: Being safe while online should always be a top priority, and these items are wise for at-home and in-office use. promo fitness watch


Fitness Tracker Watches

Amidst The Coronavirus: Everyone is doing their part to stay well right now, and for many, that has included working out more. A watch like this can help in tracking and reaching goals. 

Beyond: Fitness trackers monitor heart rates, receive alerts and count calories, as well.


UV Sterilizers   

While COVID-19 Happens: Sanitation has been on minds, too, and there are UV devices that clean phones, keys, masks and other belongings. 

Beyond: Hopefully, even after this strange time passes, we will all continue to take extra steps towards safety, wellness, sanitation and health, turning to these products and similar ones. 



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