The Growth of Custom Branded Webcam Ring Lights

  • Feb 11, 2021

Help Your Employees and Customers Improve Their Zoom Meetings With Custom Printed Webcam Lights

As people have become more used to doing Zoom meetings and online conferences and even virtual trade shows, it is important to have proper lighting and a good camera to put your best foot forward.


Geek Tech Branding offers dozens of webcams and webcam ring lighting with your company logo-- that can make it easier to communicate and improve your appearance.



We are even shipping hundreds of branded webcam and light kits to every employees' home for dozens of companies each day. Your employees represent your company in all forms of communication, and poor lighting and poor image content may not be giving the proper impression that aligns with your brand image.



Let us help your team in creating better live videos/recording with their smartphones or computers. This lighting is even perfect for providing extra light for make-up, live streaming, selfie photos.


Here are some of the webcam and promotional selfie lights we offer...each printed with your organizations name and logo.


Let us know how we can be of service





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