The Power of Promotional Products on Elections - and in Business

  • Apr 20, 2017

How Promotional Products Can Promote Your Brand on Social Media Better Than Any Other Form of Advertising

Austin, Texas:  Like him or not, Donald Trump spent a ton of money on branded promotional products rather than on standard media outlets-- and did so very effectively. It is said he spent more on branded promotional items than on polling data in 2016.

It worked out so well, in fact, that Politico is saying that the re-election campaign has already started, and has spent over $5 million on branded gifts to be used as "walking billboards" to promote his agenda.

Promotional products are the only form of advertising that people thank you for receiving.

When was the last time you thanked an advertiser that made you watch a 30 second commercial on your iPhone when you just wanted to see a funny cat video?

Promotional products help people feel part of a group, a movement, a community, team, etc.  After all, every logo NFL hat or jersey or NBA or MLB cap is a promotional product--when you get down to it.

For start ups trying to build their unique identity or persona, promotional swag binds the team together--everything from logo hoodies, caps and other swag.

For non-profits looking to raise charitable donations, a tie-in with a logo gift item will almost always out-pull donations than one without.  People want to support their cause and get something of value in return-- while promoting the cause wherever they go.

For-profit companies can also use promotional items as an incentive program - as a gift with purchase or premium to get customers to increase their purchasing spend.

If you are still thinking of promotional products as cheap little trinkets and trash-welcome to 2017!!  You have been using them all wrong.

Think outside the box in creating value for your customers while they walk around promoting your brand.  It needs to be a win-win relationship.

Start with the most loyal clients (fans, employees,donors) and then spread from there.

Promote through social media your supporters wearing and using your promotional products to create even more enthusiasm for your brand, your cause or your movement.

Let us show you how to maximize your ROI by getting customers excited about your promotional gift offer.

Happy Promoting!

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