The Value of Custom Packaging on Branded Merch

  • Feb 21, 2023

Today, what a package ships in is almost just as important as what is in the package itself.


The way Apple products come in front-opening boxes with peel-off screen protectors. The aesthetically pleasing experience of opening makeup from Glossier or Il Makiage. These are just a few of the brands standing out from the rest, when it comes to product packaging. In fact, packaging was ASI Media’s Product of the Year in 2022, since it has become a whole “thing” on its own.


But why?


The packaging material that an item comes in serves as the customer’s first glimpse of the company/organization, and we all know how important first impressions are.


During the pandemic, in particular, brands started stepping up their packaging games with direct mailing, drop shipping, and kitting. In-person shopping and in-store experiences had to be captured through singular items that showed up in people’s mailboxes and on their front porches…and what they were shipped in played a big role.


Furthermore, this is a social media-focused world, everything is shared online, and attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. When customers share products with followers, they need attention-grabbing details that make for satisfying unboxing videos.  


So while it is what’s inside that truly counts…product packaging is also a vital component. Brands must think about

-brand awareness and cohesion, in order to increase brand loyalty

-stand-out designs that are trendy yet timeless

-what packaging says to people

-how it will be perceived through photos/videos

-the cost of customizations

-sustainability, since the perfect box can be reused and repurposed 


If you’re rethinking how your brand packages its goods, contact Geek Tech Branding. We assist with everything from artwork to fulfillment, and we’re here to help promote your business/organization!


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