The Work-At-Home Gadgets Everyone Needs

  • Apr 16, 2020

Your employees, customers and fans are at home right now, so equip them with the tech devices they need!


promo fast charge power bankBefore the novel coronavirus pandemic, many people worked remotely, but right now, it is the norm. For safety and health reasons, it is vital that everyone stays at home. 


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No matter your brand, location, industry, company/organization size, business goals or budget, there are some work-from-home essentials. These gadgets will help with productivity. They can all be customized with your logo. And they are great for incentivizing and/or thanking employees, clients and fans.logo fitness watch


Fast-Charge Power Banks -- From scrolling through social media on our phones and checking emails on laptops to watching TV or reading on a tablet, there are many gadgets in our lives and many gadgets that need to be juiced up regularly. Make sure everyone can do it quickly with fast-acting chargers!


Fitness Trackers -- At-home workouts, heart rates that are possibly elevated due to stress, sleep or the lack thereof… All of this and more can be tracked through a watch like this one. 


corporate tech standsEarbuds & Speakers -- High-quality audio gadgets are must-have items, especially right now. Whether someone is listening for pleasure or for work, calls, music and more can be amplified.Vale Wifi Speaker with Amazon Alexa


Stands -- Since everyone is working and learning from home, make sure it is as effective as possible; a stand such as the one pictured here can hold up a phone during a Skype call or a tablet during study time.


Voice-Activated Devices -- In today’s tech-driven world, voice-activated devices are quite popular. They can control homes, add to grocery lists, tell the temperature and so much more!


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