This Is How To Attract New Employees

  • Mar 17, 2022

In today's day and age, brands can woo the perfect new hire with an offer kit.


What do companies like Google, Nike, and Pepsi have in common? They all bring on new hires with employee welcome kits. These gifts include everything from swag like T-shirts and office tools like notepads and pens to fun and useful items such as water bottles, earbuds, books, and stress balls. 


Recently, though, brands have been enhancing this experience with offer kits, and the pandemic has definitely helped to bring about this trend. First of all, many people were hired in the midst of COVID-19, meaning they have been working from home and have never been in their actual office or even met their coworkers. Secondly, people start to rethink their jobs, more than ever, in the past couple of years. With time off, some started to wonder if they even liked their careers any longer. Others got quite used to working remotely. And many are worried about, say, paying for childcare and staying healthy, when it comes to returning to the workforce. All of this and more has led to a staffing shortage


So, when new hires do finally come to work, and when a person is found who is ready to get busy and get employed, an offer kit can be utilized. Like welcome kits, these show the human side of a brand, show employee appreciation, show that this new person is part of the family now, and show off a logo, since each and every item can be customized.

The difference is that an offer kit will also help a company/organization stand out from the crowd. Everyone, it seems, is looking to fill positions, so new hires can be enticed with a pretty package, sent along with their acceptance letter. In addition, when someone opens up this gift and finds all the goodies, they will realize how serious the brand is; hiring someone can be done via a phone call, but going over and beyond like this, instead, is a testament to the brand, saying that they are invested in this person’s future with them.


To further differentiate from competitors and to attract potential employees even more, smart brands will give out offer kits AND welcome kits. Remember, while these are similar, they each have their own purpose: The offer kit is sent right after the interview process, in order to increase the chances of being able to snag the perfect candidate. The welcome kit is part of the onboarding process, once the new hire is in the office. While both will include custom-printed gifts and goodies, the welcome kit will be more focused on items that are useful to the specific job. 


Times are tough, but there are individuals out there who want to put their skills and strengths to use. Therefore, businesses/associations must post their openings, weed through applications, and find said individuals. And once you have them, don’t just bring them on board with a call, email, or day full of training. Customize the experience, prove to them that you care, and invite them in with thoughtful and useful swag…all branded with your logo, of course. 


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