This Year's Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Employees and Clients

  • Oct 10, 2018

The Top 10 Corporate Gifts for Christmas 2018

Christmas is around the corner and I had previously written an article, "8 Tips to Choosing the Right Christmas Gift for Employees and Customers" that gave a good description in things to consider when deciding on your Holiday gifts, including price point, packaging, distribution, etc.

 In this follow-up, I want to discuss the top 10 categories for Christmas gifts this year--to help make your gift buying easier.

 1: Power Banks: Promotional power banks have led the list for the past few years - and now wireless power banks with Qi-technology are going to be on top of your Christmas list.  Since mid-2017, most smartphones have wireless technology built in to them--so people will be wanting a charger to keep up with this new technology.  This includes all iPhones including and since the iPhone 8, most Samsung phones and nearly every other brand out there. Wireless chargers will not work on older phone models, but a dual charger will.

2: Bluetooth Speakers: If your budget is above $20 per recipient, then you should consider custom printed Bluetooth speakers. These are great gifts for all target audiences - and we offer dozens that can feature your full color design--as well as many waterproof speakers for showers, pools and outdoor events.

3: Flying Drones: Drone prices have dropped quite a bit the past 8 months--making branded flying drones a cost-effective Holiday gift with a tremendous amount of impact -- and a high "WOW"factor.  Drones come in a variety of sizes--from mini to full sized--and with and without cameras.

4: Gift Sets: Sometimes it is difficult to come up with one single great gift idea.  If that is your case, then consider a gift set.  We have hundreds of boxed gift sets starting from $25.  We can even create a custom gift set for your needs.   On top of that, we can also drop shipping on most of these kits directly to your Excel gift list...which can help save you time, stress and money.

5: Backpacks: Custom printed backpacks serve as walking billboards for your company-- as it can be seen hundreds of times per day--giving you an extremely low cost per impression.  Although Millennials and Gen Y-ers are often the first thought when considering backpacks as gifts, the appeal is much broader than that in terms of target audience.  Don't sacrifice features when ordering backpacks-- the better the quality and the more the functionality, the longer it will be used-- and the higher your ROI will be.

6: Jackets and Hoodies: Logo hoodies and jackets have been huge sellers over the past 5-7 years, and these are always a great employee gift.   If you can go above $25 per hoodie, then you will be able to give one that will soon become the recipient's favorite. Performance fabrics seem to be the latest rage, and things to consider include moisture wicking, antimicrobial, UV protection and heat retention.

7: Stainless Steel Tumblers: Keep your logo in front of your clients and employees at home, at their desks, in the gym and in their cars with stainless steel tumblers. Be sure to look for stainless on both the inside and the outside and copper lining for maximum temperature retention. Vacuum insulation is fine, but the added copper lining coating between the the 2 layers is what sets the higher end brands from the more budget-oriented ones.  You can find copper-lined stainless steel tumblers with your branding for about 1/3 the cost of the better known brands--with styling and features just as good.

8: Key Trackers: If you've ever misplaced or lost your keys, you can only imagine how excited your recipients will be when they get a key tracker from you.  Most are under $20 and they work with a free phone app to help locate your keys,

9: Laptop Messenger Bags: If your employees and customers are taking a laptop to work, then a stylish and handy laptop messenger bag is the perfect Holiday gift. These bags come in dozens of styles and sizes to fit any budget.

10:Bluetooth Headphones: As some new phones come out without the auxiliary ports, Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are fast becoming a must-have gift item.  If you are targeting the 20-35 year old niche, then headphones may well become their favorite stocking stuffer this year!

At the end of the day, year-end gifts should be a fun way to thank your employees, customers and service providers--while keeping your name and company top of mind.  

Let us know how we can help select the right Holiday gifts for your brand.

Happy Holidays!

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