Time to Hire Some New Marketing People to Boost Sales for Next Year?

  • Sep 12, 2011

Austin, Texas: On LinkedIn the other day, I spent some time looking at various profiles of my “connections” — and noticed a large number of well qualified marketing executives without jobs.

Not just without jobs. But without jobs for a long, long time.

Perhaps now is the perfect time to re-consider your marketing strategy for next year and hire some of these people–either on a full time or part-time basis, as your organization is surely looking for ways to increase market share.

Small companies: Now is your chance to get some great talent at a reasonable price. Even if you hire these folks on a project-by-project basis, your organization can get some powerful marketing strategies and planning at a price previously not available to you.

Mid-sized firms: You can probably get a marketing executive with 20+ years experience for a lot less money than you would have paid 3-4 years ago. I’m not advocating beating up these people on price, but the salary for marketing executives has come down a bit over the past few years.

Large firms: Marketing should be at the forefront of your new year sales plans – and these former marketing executives can more than pay for themselves by avoiding potential problems and improving efficiencies that a much younger junior executive would not have the experience to know.

Let’s all do our part to improve the economy.

Take a look at bringing in some marketing talent.

America, we can either clamp down on all spending and watch our sales volume slide — or we can market our way to the top.

Which route will you be taking?

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