Top 5 Branded Promo Gifts For National Health Education Week

  • Sep 29, 2020

Promote health and wellness with branded gifts!


National Health Education Week, happening October 19-23, 2020, focuses on increasing awareness on public health issues and health education. Now, more than ever, brands need to do their part in promoting healthy lifestyles and overall wellness, and a wise way to do so is with imprinted gifts.


promo fitness watchFrom fitness tools to first aid kits, these useful and thoughtful items will appeal to employees, fans and clients. They will remind people of your product(s)/service(s). And they will help keep everyone well, which should be a main goal, especially during a pandemic and during this awareness week.


Fitness trackers can count steps, monitor heart rates, track sleep patterns and more. These gadgets make it easy to keep up with physical activities and reach regular goals. 


Hand sanitizer helps fight the spread of germs, and in the current climate, it is not only handy but necessary.


First aid kits can and should be kept in bags, cars, offices and homes. Offering one up (a high-quality and branded option) will always be custom first aid kitappreciated, as a person can’t be too prepared!


Healthy food and drink products are a go-to choice, as well. These can be handed out at events, mailed directly to houses/places of work, included with purchases, included in swag bags or given away online. 


There are also bath and spa gifts that can work for all types of campaigns and industries. Some great examples include essential oil-infused bath salts and CBD bath bombs.


Find more branded products at Geek Tech Branding, and remember to do your part during National Health Education Week!  

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