Top Promotional Items for Esports & Gaming Industry

  • Apr 7, 2021

According to recent reports, the esports industry’s revenue will hit $1.084 billion this year, which is a 14.5% increase since 2020. 


What exactly is esports, though, and how does it differ from gaming?


The Smart Wallet explains it well: Gaming includes everything from the multi-million dollar video game championships that are held to the games we play at home (either alone or with others) on boards and on our phones. Esports is all about competition, with head-to-head gaming or indirect versions, such as when speedrunners compete against one another.


With all the different types of games that exist, there are many different products that can help your brand advertise to the 2.5 billion+ gamers around the world. 


For games played on the computer or a console, headsets are a must. These are comfortable, cool and feature 40mm drivers, a unidirectional mic, in-line volume control and flip-to-mute functionality. 


With a mousepad, gamers will have more control, and brands will shine through full-color sublimation printing! 


Playing is about more than the gadgets and tools, as the perfect outfit is also needed. That being said, consider advertising through apparel like hoodies and caps.


Next on the list is a high-quality and branded speaker. There are versions that are wireless, waterproof and more, and these have become exceptionally handy during the pandemic’s quarantine. 


Gaming can get taken to the next level with VR viewers. These allow players to interact with the virtual reality world! 


Another smart and stylish way to market to this industry is with a mouse… but not just any mouse. This one has a built-in RGB LED that shows off a logo in seven colors, three levels of DPIfor speed adjustment and a 400mAh rechargeable battery. 


A team needs to look cohesive, and they can do just that with custom T-shirts … that also show off your brand. 


To make sure the fun never ends, provide audiences with a solar charger that has an LED light and a wireless charging function.


Those who regularly have live streams will appreciate ring lights, which can also be customized with brands’ names and logos. 


Last but not least, consider appealing to this crowd via custom tennis shoes!



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