Trade Show Swag 101: Will It Set Off Airport Security Alarms?

  • Mar 13, 2014

Trade Show Swag: Make Sure It Survives the Trip Home

Austin, Texas: South by Southwest (SXSW) is ending another successful festival here in Austin, but unfortunately, much of the trade show swag and swag bags are not making it through security at the airport.

This means that fellow passengers are inconvenienced and/or the branded merchandise that you were giving out will be thrown out or left behind.

What a wasted marketing opportunity!

Trade Show Swag 101: Will It Set Off Airport Security Alarms?

Think carefully about the type of gifts that you hand out at trade shows and conferences.

Small electronic devices–such as portable power chargers, promotional speakers and imprinted earbuds--usually are fine as security knows to scan for these standard items.

Large and over-sized items–including plush toys, foam hats, yard sticks and others–not usually a good idea.

Liquid items— imprinted hot sauce, bottled water or energy drinks, etc.–These not going to make it past security due to liquid restrictions.

Complete swag bags: Think through what you place inside of these as many recipients go straight from the trade show floor to the airport without looking at the contents.

If you have unusual or metallic items inside, remind the recipients to check it in their suitcases to avoid hassles.

People love trade show swag.

It is the show highlight for many attendees and they serve as a constant reminder of the event and of the brand giving these promotional products away.

Just be a bit careful in choosing what you give out.

It will reduce last-minute hassles at the airport.

And it will ensure that your trade show swag keepsake makes it home with the intended recipient.

Happy Promoting!

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