Using On-Pack Promotions to Increase Retail Sales

  • Nov 5, 2012

How Can On-Pack Promotions Increase Retail Sales?

Austin, Texas: Many of our consumer product manufacturers ask us for inexpensive ideas to increase retail sales for them and create some buzz.

One of the simplest programs are to use an on-pack promotion to stand out from the competition.

When sold as a complete promotion, an on pack program can be used with a buy-in program – to ignite short term sales, and be utilized with creative point of purchase materials to go with end caps, shelf talkers, counter mats or other marketing tools.

Studies show that more than 35% of product purchases at retail are spur of the moment- and an on-pack promotion can help your product become that impulse sale.

On-pack promotions can range for free product to a coupon offer, and even include:

Gamification: Gamification is a great way to take a consumer to a branded app or game for increased exposure to your brand. Although popular for many target audiences, this method is best suited for the younger generation.

Augmented Reality: A very unique application that can create virtual 3D images from a smartphone scan. These tend to get a high percentage of pass-along value for a brand. Click here to see a creative use of augmented reality.

SMS Text-to-Win Promotions: With nearly 300 million smartphones in the US alone, SMS Text-to-Win promotions can create an opportunity to showcase high end gifts on the POP and create greater excitement.

Gift With Purchase: This is one of the most popular programs because everybody is a winner. All they have to do is purchase the required number of products and send in proof of purchases for a free gift.

Not only is the Gift with Purchase On-pack offer the most popular, it requires the least amount of legalese–since it is not a drawing, contest or lottery. It is simply Buy and Receive.

An example of a Gift With Purchase on-Pack Promotion is the Vitamin Water Card shown.

As a spokesperson for Vitamin Water®, Kelly Clarkson added a musical edge to the brand’s image. They wanted to find a way to increase sales of Vitamin Water, while helping to promote Kelly’s new album.

An on-pack promotion was designed to reward customers that purchased bottles of Vitamin Water with a free Music Download, plus an exclusive video download of a remixed cut from the album.

It was a successful promotion for Vitamin Water, for the retailers and for customers – making it a win-win-win event–generated from a single on-pack promotion.

The use of creative on-pack promotions can help you to generate an immediate boosts in sales, as well as to create excitement for your product in a powerful way that encourages customer brand loyalty.

Tired of the same old money off coupons? Try a creative on-pack promotion and help your brand stand out.

Happy Promoting!