What Are You Willing to Fail At Today?

  • Oct 22, 2013

Are You Willing to Fail Each Day … Or Do You Go Through Life Minimizing Risk?

are you willing to fail and fail often?Austin, Texas: I was watching a morning talk show the other day and Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx mentioned that her father would ask her and her other siblings each night what they had failed at. And they received praise when they tried and failed and encouragement to try harder if they succeeded.

Talk about a reversal in logic — but it worked. Sara is now a billionaire and Spanx is a multi-million dollar corporation.

Too many people go through life each day trying to maintain the status quo – and not reaching a bit further than their grasps.

What are you doing to extend your reach?

What can you do to push the envelope and be willing to fail?

What new projects can you pursue that may or may not work — but stand a chance of talking your business to the next level if it succeeds?

In your personal life, are you willing to fail by learning to play piano, or karate or start dating again or even strive for a marathon race?

I just “ran” a 10K race a few weeks ago and got totally humbled-finishing in the bottom 5% of my peers. But it felt good and I just signed up for another where I will build on that experience and keep improving. I was not afraid of failing– as I beat 100% of the people who did not enter that race!!

Don’t aim to fail but be willing to fail if you aim boldly.

Keep pushing the envelope and you will come to see that failing does not make you a failure.

Never trying and not failing will never make you a success.

Let’s fail and fail often – and learn from these trials and opportunities.

What are you planning to try today that you might fail at?

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