When is a Power Stick Not Just Another Power Stick?

  • Feb 19, 2014

How Can You Turn Your Promotional Power Sticks Into The Star Attraction of Any Event?

imprinted battery chargers

Austin, Texas: Promotional power sticks have been all the rage the past 6-9 months.

They were easily one of our most popular promotional items this past Christmas season – and power stick sales of 2014 have not lost any steam.

These handy battery chargers, slight larger than a pack of gum, can easily charge (and recharge) smart phones and iPads–making it a necessity among busy travelers everywhere who run out of battery on the road.

Promotional power sticks will feature a logo in full color or laser etched in most instances.

But what can really make a power stick stand out is the packaging.


Like most promotional gifts, the presentation sets the mood and can enhance the perceived value of any item.

If there is sufficient time (3-4 weeks–which can seem like a lifetime on some last minute events) a full color custom gift box can be created to highlight the gift–making the power sticks both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Think out of the box (or in this case think OF the box).

It can be the difference between a nice gift and an awesome gift. And an awesome gifts can greatly improve the social media value.

If you have time, we can create a keepsake power stick for you.

If not, well, we also have next day delivery on a wide range of power sticks.

Either way, you can look like the hero and keep your message in front of your clients and prospects for years – while they are charging their portable devices.

Happy Promoting!

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