Where is Your Call to Action?

  • Sep 20, 2013

Do You Have a Call to Action in All of Your Advertising?

calls to actionby Robert Piller

Austin, Texas: In a blog post from last week, I mentioned that the easiest way to measure the ROI of your promotional products is to have a “call to action”.

I was inundated with calls and emails about this simple piece of advice, so I thought I would expand upon it a bit.

A call to action is when you try to get your prospects to take an action step after seeing your ad–whether it is to call you, to scan a QR code, to print out an online coupon, to enter a contest, to type a code on their mobile phone, etc.

This call to action is just as true on promotional products as it is on every other form of advertising and marketing that you do.

If it is a billboard ad, wouldn’t it be nice to list a unique url or hashtag for people to take the next step?

If it is an election or campaign yard sign–same thing. How do you measure the effectiveness of these yard signs? Have them go to a link and volunteer or make a donation…or even learn more facts.

Why would I change my vote because I see a bumper sticker or yard sign? Most likely, I won’t.,.. and neither will anyone else. But if there was a unique url, I could then take an actionable step — that you can then measure, track and compare to other forms of advertising.

A call to action works for print ads, mobile ads, Google AdWords, etc.

Have your readers or prospects take an actionable step.

Measuring a call to action is the only way you will be able to learn what works and what doesn’t work for you — so you can constantly revise, tweak and improve your advertising reach.

Happy Marketing!

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