Why Your Brand Should Consider Printed Masks

  • Apr 29, 2020

Offering these items up to the public provides benefits for you, for them and, most importantly, for the world.


Masks have gone from practical tools and fashion accessories to necessary items that can/should/must be worn, in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19. 


custom maskTherefore, organizations, businesses, fashion designers and even musical acts and professional sports teams have started selling branded masks. 


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According to Theresa Hegel, the executive director of digital content at the Advertising Specialty Institute, people are getting creative with these items, too, as they turn to screen printing, sublimating, laser-etching, heat-pressing small leather patches or even adding rhinestones to face masks.


Obviously, selling or handing out masks would be appreciated right now, as it is a solution to a public health problem. 


It also can help out economically, as, for many companies, traditional sales have suffered because of the novel coronavirus. logo mask


And brands can give back, as well: They can donate all or a portion of sales to charities and associations that are actively working to fight off this pandemic, and they can offer masks for free to their communities, customers, employees, first responders and followers. 


Those who are considering ordering branded masks can customize them with designs that feature certain colors, graphics, prints, messages and logos. This is a wise option for groups, causes, businesses, startups, corporations, teams and schools. This is something that can be sold or given out to one and all. And this will allow people to be part of something big. 



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