Yes, Today is Hump Day. So How is That Going to Affect Your Sales and Marketing Activities For The Rest of the Week?

  • Nov 13, 2013

use Hump Day to review your weekly sales resultsIs Hump Day Going to Motivate You To Reach Back for Stronger Sales & Marketing Strategies for the Remainder of the Week?

Austin, TX I love that Geico commercial where the camel walks around the room obnoxiously celebrating Hump Day. It’s funny and rings true at many offices.

OK. Great. It is Hump Day. Now what?

Right after lunch, half the work week is now over.

Do you start to plan your weekend events – or do you look over your sales and marketing numbers and see what else you can do to reach or exceed your numbers?

The choice is yours.

I like to review our marketing campaign results each Wednesday at noon to see if I need to make adjustments for my team for the rest of the week.

That includes reviewing sales figures, looking over analytics from social media campaigns and keyword activity.

We hold a short team meeting and discuss (and possibly implement) necessary adjustments and review again late Friday afternoon for the next week.

Then we all end our days and enjoy our weekend activities.

Using Hump Day as a marketing strategy that has been quite successful for our company.

How about you?

Are you using Hump Day as an opportunity to motivate your crew?

Are you using Hump Day to tweak and adjust your marketing plans?

Use Hump Day as a marketing strategy.

It can be fun and profitable at the same time.

Happy Marketing!

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