Your Branding is Working 24-7 - Whether You Want It To Or Not

  • Sep 27, 2013

Can Your Branding Efforts Really Be Shut Down When You Are Not Watching?

branding ideasby Robert Piller

Austin, Texas: As a marketer and a 30+ year veteran in promotional marketing campaigns, I love the power of branding.

The right branding can position your product or service to the right audience, the right niche and create a certain mood and feel for your company.

However, the same can be said for the wrong branding.

I was at lunch with a client yesterday when a table of 7 men wearing branded polo shirts with the embroidered logo of their local car dealership got rude, loud, patronizing and obnoxious when shouting to a few other patrons at another table (who were obviously not associates of theirs).

Now I am no prude, but the language that was used (and their attitudes) made me think twice of this car dealership … and the type of people they hire.

When they are wearing your branded shirts, they are representing your company.

Plain and simple.

That is the power of branding – both in a good way and in a negative way.

It is your job to remember that your brand is working 24-7, 365 days a week – and the tightest controls you have on social media is not the only branding your company is carrying out.

Same goes true for the way way clients are treated on the phone and in person.

Think about the big picture–how your total branding is portrayed to your public. Then search for the weak links and improve on them.

Your company is judged not only by the marketing and branding that you think you control, but also by those opportunities that you have no control over.

Happy Branding!

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