Your Choice of Promotional Products Reflects on Your Company and Brand

  • Jun 17, 2014

Choosing the Wrong Promotional Product Can Negatively Affect Your Brand and Image

choosing the right promotional products

Austin, Texas: How important are the promotional products that you choose to give away?

Well, here are two quick examples:

I was invited to a wealth management luncheon the other day — and during the presentation was handed a cheap vinyl padfolio with a plastic pen that did not write.

This firm wanted a 6-figure investment from me on an oil and gas MLP they were pitching – and they spent only a few bucks on the promotional items and they poorly reflected on the firm. The padfolio was so poorly made that I left it behind and the pen did not write.

I decided not to invest in that deal. The padfolio was not the only reason but it did plant some seeds of doubt that clouded my overall impression of the company and subsequently, its offerings.

Last month, I attended a crowd funding seminar with a new firm that wanted us to loan money to their platform in return for equity in speculative real estate projects.

Not only were we presented with top-notch snacks and beverages from a food cart – but we were all given a promotional power charger to charge up our iPhones and smartphones.

This useful device was nicely presented and it was a quality piece. ( I know because not only does my company sell these imprinted power chargers, but I use them frequently as my phone seems to lose its charge quite quickly when I travel).

I have looked into several of their funding projects since then and will most likely invest in some as the year progresses and I feel more comfortable with their platform.

These are just two recent examples of how a company’s choice of promotional products reflects on their overall brand image.

How do you want to be perceived?

Isn’t it time your promotional products reflect what you and your brand stand for?

Don’t be cheap when choosing your promotional products.

You also don’t need to spend the most money.

But look for useful promotional products that are constructed solidly and that will last.

Most of all, choose promotional products that reflect your company’s image.

Happy Promoting!

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