Your Marketing Message is the Sum of All Your Communications - Good and Bad

  • Apr 30, 2015

Can You Be in Full Control of Your Marketing Message At All Times?

Controlling Your Marketing Message

Austin, TX: All of us in marketing like to think that we control the marketing message: what is seen, read, thought and heard about our companies.

Unfortunately, life is not that simple.

it is often the weakest link that tends to harm the clear message and brand reputation you have built up.

This can be in the form of an angry or disgruntled employee arguing with a client about an order or project that is not going according to plans.

It can be in the form on poorly trained or inattentive booth personnel ignoring or acting condescending to clients or potential customers.

It can be in an off-colored Facebook or Twitter post–which we read about too often lately.

It can be in the form of cheap or poor quality promotional swag that you give to customers – only to find it falls apart or doesn’t last very long.

You can only control your full marketing message up to a point.

Your job is to pay attention to ALL areas of customer contact — from your technical support team to your social media team – and begin to educate and instill the importance of a cohesive message.

Take time to walk the trade show floor or visit your customer support center and see and hear what is taking place.

Pay closer attention to how your marketing message and brand image is being represented.

Then make some changes.

Educate. Train. Reinforce. Then Repeat.

If your marketing team is creating leading edge customer experiences but the rest of your team is not on the same page, then you need to stop what you are doing – and remind everyone of the importance of a unified marketing message.

Your marketing message is in the way your employees speak.

It’s in the way they talk.

It’s in the way they dress.

it is in the way they represent your brand and company in their waking hours.

Do not take your marketing message for granted – or the weakest link will drag it down.

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