4 Types of Customers - A Sports Analogy to Help Build Improved Customer Loyalty

  • Jul 7, 2011

Customers describe their client base in all sorts of ways–but very rarely do they differentiate between the type of customers they have. All customers are not created equal.

Nancy Porte, Vice President of Vovici, has a way of describing customers and she places them into 4 categories, using sports analogies in her description..

The categories are based on two criteria:

1) The customer’s likelihood to renew.

2) The customer’s willingness to recommend.

These answers should provide long-term measures of our future performance.

She segments customers into four groups:
• Champions are clients who are completely likely to repurchase and completely likely to recommend the brand to others. They are the key to rapidly growing a business.
• All-Stars are clients who are very or completely likely to repurchase and to recommend. The goal is to move these star performers to champions by continuing to improve the quality of the products and services they use.
• Players are clients who are at least moderately likely to repurchase and to recommend.
• The Bench holds the rest of the clients. They are at the most at risk of switching their business to other brands.

Knowing where your customers rank can help you to target each of these four segments with different strategies. Your data capture should help you to pinpoint where they are, as you try to “coach” and guide these customers along, until they are likely to both repurchase and recommend.

Any business that is to succeed needs both recommendations and reorders in order to continue on a path of profitability.

Do you know which segment your customers are in?

Let’s hope to move then from Chumps to Champs over a course of a steady program of relationship building, customer service, proven products/service and deliverability.

The customers that you don’t move forward are much more likely to abandon you and go to your competition –where their accounts can be nurtured and built.

Are your customers ready for the Big Leagues?


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