5 Small Business Ideas (+ Corresponding Promo Products)

  • May 2, 2023

New insights show that certain fields are seeing more success than others. Here, we dive into five of them, showing you how to take things further with custom-printed promo items.


Currently, there are 400 million small businesses around the world, meaning leaders must do what they can to stand out from the crowd. One such tactic is to enter into a market that is popular and lucrative.


Recently, Yahoo! Finance shared the 10 most profitable small businesses of 2023. If your company falls into one of these categories OR if you are looking to launch product(s)/service(s) in one of these industries, continue the custom-printed items below.


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custom wine glassOne fruitful sector at the moment is dining, as people are always going to need/want food, and since, in a post-COVID world, people appreciate restaurants and bars even more than usual. 


To make food establishments look professional and cohesive and to promote foods/drinks, consider:

-branded umbrellas above outdoor tables

-custom labels for treats like barbecue sauces

-logo pens for taking orders and signing receipts 

-promo wine glasses that can be used by visitors in and out of the establishment

-corporate apparel that’s worn by staff and purchased by fans


reusable logo bagAnother area seeing waves is home improvement. Social media allows brands to show off their home decor, home renovations, and home designs, leading to more business.


And even more business can come from utilizing items like:

-reusable grocery bags, gifted to clients 

-Bluetooth speakers, perfect for client appreciation gifts

-spa products, which enhance coziness

-plants, to add a special touch

-puzzles, which can act as entertainment and decoration


corporate rolling wagonThose with cleaning services are helping to keep everything nice, clean, germ-free, and aesthetically-pleasing, and there are gifts that can serve employees and customers, such as:

-custom rolling bags for transporting everything from cleaning supplies to groceries

-corporate planners that ensure no important dates are missed

-promotional hand sanitizer to take cleanliness even further

-logo-printed flashlights that can see into dark spaces

-branded massage guns for easing aching muscles after a long workday 


imprinted dog bandanaPet brands are also seeing a profit right now, according to the latest research. People love their furry friends and spend a good amount of money on food, clothes, and toys for them.


To stand out from competitors, make sure you have promotional:

-frisbees for fetch

-matching bandanas for man and his best friend

-car chargers for all those outdoor, on-the-road adventures

-smart watches for keeping track of said adventures

-water bottles for hydrating humans and animals


trade show displayFinally, if you have an ecommerce business, the options are endless, as you can use:  

-logo drones for giveaways

-imprinted bags when shipping out orders

-customized video brochures to explain your offerings 

-branded shoes that act as walking billboards

-trade show displays for event promotions


The list goes on and on and on…and everything your brand needs – no matter your industry – can be found at Geek Tech Branding. Keep browsing to find more onboarding kits, customer freebies, employee appreciation gifts, raffle prizes, conference swag, incentives, and more!


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