An In-Depth Look At Employee Engagement

  • May 15, 2020

Read to learn why this is important and how it can be achieved.


As an analytics and advisory company, Gallup tracks employee engagement, something that was started in 2000. Based on their findings from 2015, it was revealed that little has changed: Less than one-third of employees in the U.S. feel engaged at their jobs and in their offices. 


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This is something brands should be hoping and working to fix, as employee engagement is crucial; it can lead to more productivity, more engagement with customers, more financial success, boosts in morale and more.  


Similarly, the Incentive Research Foundation found that 100% of the top-performing companies they studied said that non-cash incentives and rewards are utilized, in order to motivate behavior. These firms are all high on the list, when it comes to revenue, performance and reputation, and they are all incentivizing and rewarding employees… leading to engagement and beyond. 


That being said, it is important that all businesses and organizations, no matter their size and industry, give back to and support their teams. Below, there are ideas on how to do this very thing. 


Make Everyone Feel Welcomed, Appreciated & Like They’re Part Of Something Special

As soon as an employee steps through the door, they should feel a sense of belonging. All the tools and rules they need should be provided via a welcome kit. They should know who to turn to for what, and they should feel comfortable doing so. 


Whenever milestones and goals are reached, they should be celebrated. Furthermore, their birthdays, anniversaries and other personal achievements should be noticed, as well, to promote a feeling of family.


Communicate Regularly & Efficiently

So many workplace issues are really just communication errors. A tone misinterpreted due to technology, lack of information being shared, people in management positions not providing enough feedback… A good amount of these bumps in the road can be avoided with regular and efficient communication.


It is important to have casual and official check-in meetings with employees, in order to hear from them, provide feedback and get in face-to-face interactions. 


Give Rewards & Benefits

A big perk in the workplace would be the benefits that come along with a certain position or place. These, of course, are going to appeal to potential hires and assist in making teams feel rewarded for their efforts.


Take things further, though: Besides a salary and vacation days, there are other ways to incentive. Give out gifts on holidays. Celebrate whenever someone secures a sale or lands a new client. Let everyone dress casually or leave early on Fridays. Hold a happy hour each month. Think about how to give back to these hard-working professionals… because it is more than worth it to show them how much they are appreciated and needed.


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