Best Ways To Retain Your Best Employees

  • Jan 18, 2023

Follow these five steps to attract and keep employees in your workplace.


Every month in America alone, 3 to 4.5 million employees quit their jobs. And each time someone leaves their position, it costs 33% of their annual salary to replace them.


employee onboarding kitWhy – even after the pandemic – are so many people quitting, and why are companies struggling to retain workers? 


Some common reasons include employees feeling like they…

- are overworked and underappreciated 

- don’t have enough benefits or a big enough salary

- are bored or are worried about the company (its culture, finances, leadership, direction, etc.)


Of course, a pay raise and more perks will be attractive to your team, but there are additional ways to attract and retain employees. 


ONE - Onboarding 

Convincing someone that your company is the place for them starts with that first impression. How much information they are given, how it is given to them, tools that can help them with their roles…All of this and more should be taken into consideration.


An onboarding kit filled with company necessities (such as an employee handbook, a calendar of important dates, a map of the office) and branded goodies (like a thermos, a pullover, and a pair of earbuds) will allow you to stand out from competitors and will instantly make new hires feel included. In fact, almost 70% of employees said they’re more likely to stay for three years if the onboarding is done correctly.


TWO - Communicating 

From the interview process on, communication is key. When preparing to be hired, applicants need to feel like they can ask anything. Going forward, they need to know that their ideas are welcomed. Similarly, employers must be willing to give and get regular feedback.


Part of effective workplace communication includes defined roles, a clear chain of command, and mentorship, as everyone knows what to do and can collaboratively work with others to get any job done. 


THREE - Training

One reason employees leave places of work is the lack of training, education, professional development, and chances to advance.employee appreciation gift


Many industries have required continuing education, and whether you offer that or not, you should prioritize; while discussing someone’s role with them, see what else they want to learn and where they are interested in going. This can lead to specialized seminars, speaking opportunities, promotions, and more. 


FOUR - Antistressing

The past few years have led to major burnout, and now, more than ever, employers are promoting self-care.


From bringing a yoga instructor once a week and giving out personal care products to allowing for hybrid offices and remote work, there are plenty of ways to work and keep stress at bay, all while keeping your team happy.


FIVE - Appreciating

On a similar note, those who work with you need and want to be recognized and appreciated. This involves the above welcome kits, reviews, career advancements, and wellness perks. But it can also include gift sets given out to those who reach certain milestones, those who make big sales, and those who deserve something “just because” (everyone!).


By rethinking how your brand is conducting business and by putting a true emphasis on employee retention, you can attract and keep the best employees, which – in turn – will lead to overall success. 


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