Custom Shoes & Socks

  • Jun 12, 2020

Promote your brand, organization, team or cause with custom-printed footwear!


Promotional products are a win-win option: Fans and followers, customers and clients get freebies that are thoughtful and useful, while brands get to market themselves in a unique way. One of the more popular choices for promo items would be apparel; everyone has to get dressed, and many like to show off iconic logos, favorite teams, employees and more through graphic clothing items.


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That being said, we have put together a list of high-quality, custom-printed shoes and socks to consider. They each come with fun design options, allowing for certain colors and images to be used, and they are all super functional, as well.


Slipper Slide Sandals                The Cruiser Tennis Shoes         The Chariot Tennis Shoes 

logo shoes

The Drifter Tennis Shoes               Laced Custom Kicks                The Slide Custom Kicks

custom shoes

Pantone Dress Sock                              Knit Crew Sock                                 Full-Color Sock

custom socks


When planning on how to spread awareness and boost business this year, keep footwear like this in mind, since it will literally act as a walking billboard!


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