Digital Rewards for Social Media Promotions

  • Jun 17, 2011

digital rewards for incenitvesMany companies are offering incentives for people to “Like” their Facebook page or to add themselves to Twitter.

Perhaps no incentive lends itself better to social media campaigns as digital rewards, such as MP3 music downloads, iSkins, free movie tickets, and more.

These programs are ideal because all one needs to do to send these digital gifts are unique ID numbers, which can be provided in bulk in spreadsheet format.No shipping. No handling. And ideal for web-savvy customers.

Dick’s Sporting Goods ran an online Scavenger Hunt promotion a few months back where customers were able to get 15% savings after they “Liked” the retailer on Facebook, added them as a friend on Twitter and texted them on their iPhone or PDA.

Perhaps another alternative would be to reward customers with 5 or 10 song MP3 music download program after completing the same “Triple Play”: “Following” on Facebook, “Friending” on Twitter and “SMS Texting” on cell phone.

Think of the information you could gather on customers and prospects from people willingly giving you this information.

Having them complete all three steps will reduce your redemption rate, which will allow you to offer a nicer premium at a low cost per name basis.

This strategy will yield much higher returns than a lottery drawing, where you reward the first 100 customers that complete a deed, or every 100th name. These tend to scare off customers who do not want to give away this information, or spend the necessary time, just to be entered in a contest, which has poor odds of winning.

Be creative with your next social media promotion.
Experiment with different options.
Gain media attention with the uniqueness of your program
Watch your customer base increase.


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