Do You Need to Use a Tech-Themed Promotional Item to Reach the Millennial Generation?

  • Aug 16, 2013

Choosing the right promotional items for MillennialsHow to Choose the Right Promotional Items for Millennials

Austin, TX: Everybody wants a new way to reach out tot heir target audience – and right now one of the hottest niches is the Millennial Generation, or Generation Y.

These people came of age at the start of the new millennium, so there age is 25-35, broadly speaking.

Millennial are extremely tech savvy, so most companies immediately think they need to use a tech-themed promotional product to reach out to them.

Sure, we sell a ton of imprinted ear buds and music download cards for this group– and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, I encourage my clients to think outside of the box to help their message get maximum impact.

Depending on the budget, we have done such low-tech items as imprinted eyeblack for a football-themed event to microfiber wipes that adhere to a smartphone or tablet.

Even simple funky squeeze toys, or stress relievers in a funky shape can get improved ROI when targeting this Millennial market.

Yes, they like swag.

Yes, they like technology.

But, no, for $2 a piece, you promotional product is probably not going to “wow” your audience.

At least make it memorable … so you can gather ROI.

And add a call-to-action to your product, such as a QR code that takes them to a special landing page, or a unique url code that you use only for this event or a comeback coupon, or other way to measure and track your success.

But more on measurability in another blog post.

Happy Marketing!

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