Do You Take The Time To Motivate Yourself?

  • Aug 27, 2012

Are You Rewarding Your Personal Sales Success?If You Believe In Employee And Customer Incentives, Do You Motivate Yourself?

Austin, TX Our company is a firm believer in the use of incentives to motivate and inspire others.

Whether it is employee motivation programs, weight loss or wellness incentives or customer loyalty programs, we have seen the value of incentives push people to greater heights and sustain that activity.

However, sometimes we get caught up in helping others and do not reward ourselves for achievement and success – which is wrong.

After four straight years of double digit growth, I have rewarded myself and my family to cruises–including two European cruises, an Alaskan cruise and a Caribbean cruise each of the past four summers. I deserved it and it was great motivation and inspiration to reach for greater success again the following year.

After closing out our fiscal year a few weeks back, I decided to reward myself for far surpassing a sales goal that I had set for myself and just bought myself a $2500 chair- a Piniferia Xten. In fact, I am sitting atop this ergonomic chair in my office as I write this blog post – and still cannot believe I spent $2500 for a chair!

But dammit– I earned it!

Are you taking the time to reward yourself–before you reach burnout?

Don’t forget to reward yourself for achievements and sales success.

After all, we all need motivation in our lives to push us a little bit harder.

And some tangible showcase of that result to remind us, and others, of the fruition of our hard work and dedication.

Here’s to your continued success.