Employee Training is Key to Successful Customer Loyalty

  • Aug 24, 2012

Customer Loyalty is Not a Program. It is a Way of Doing Business

Austin, Texas: I read a blog post the other day espousing the theory that companies should create a new position called Chief Loyalty Officer.

I agreed with his basic premise that “Customer (and employee) loyalty should not be left to chance. It should be thought out and strategized.”

However having a department for customer loyalty is the antithesis of what customer loyalty is about– namely giving customers a pleasant and rewarding transaction on an on-going basis that creates a win-win for both parties.

Customer loyalty cannot be created in a department– it needs to be part of the core of EVERY department– from HR to marketing to production etc.

It cannot exist in a vacuum.

Every single touch point has to maintain a customer perspective with the goal of retention.

If you think you can compartmentalize the loyalty segment, then customer loyalty becomes just a gimmick.

Customers are too smart for that.

Top to bottom, customer loyalty needs to be exhibited and carried out on a daily basis.

Customer loyalty is not given. Customer loyalty is earned over time.

Train all you employees on the value and necessity of customer service, follow through and follow up, promptness, courteousness in all their interactions with customers and you will make them a aprt of your customer loyalty team.

Don’t train them properly and they will be your biggest enemies in establishing true customer loyalty.

The choice is yours.