Gift Employees & Clients Candy & Snacks

  • Jul 14, 2020

Show appreciation and spread the word about your brand with custom gifts of sweet treats!


Everyone loves freebies, and a sweet move for brands is to utilize candy and snack gifts. These food-related goodies can spread awareness, show appreciation, boost business and more, all while satisfying hunger and a sweet tooth, too!


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Down below, there are five custom gift suggestions, along with when and how to utilize them for the most success.


ONE. When hosting an event and/or filling up swag bags, include a tin of mints. From freshening up breaths to serving as a treat after a meal (like when a pick-me-up is needed to get through afternoon sessions at a trade show), these will definitely be appreciated. 


TWO. Employees’ personal and professional accomplishments and milestones should be celebrated. Consider sending a trio of snacks (this one contains chocolate hazelnut-filled cookies, caramel popcorn and berry nut mix) on a work anniversary or birthday!


THREE. Setting up a booth? Attract attendees with glass jars of candy, which are yummy and which will then serve as walking (and edible) billboards.


FOUR. A great thing to include in an onboarding kit is energy trail mix, as it is a healthy snack option that a new employee can store in their desk. 



FIVE. During the holiday season, remind clients you care by sending them something big and fancy, such as a sweets and snacks gourmet tower!

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