Give The Gift Of Privacy With Branded Webcam Covers

  • Dec 12, 2022

Webcam covers promote digital privacy and can be imprinted to promote brands, too.


Research has found that webcam attacks happen every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Americans annually. When cybercriminals access devices’ cameras, they can spy on people and/or steal their information. Therefore, webcam covers exist, as a way to protect against hackers.


custom logo webcam coverThese covers are small, simple, and affordable, yet they make a huge impact. Due to the size and price, there is no reason NOT to hand these out to everyone from employees and clients to fans and followers, helping to promote digital privacy.


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Brands can also use covers for webcams as a way to promote themselves, due to customization options like a business’ logo, an organization’s motto, and/or a team’s colors. 


The go-to option for promotional webcam covers are those made out of high-quality plastic, making them thin enough for a laptop towebcam cover gift box still be closed and versatile enough to work for most monitors and computers. As seen with this Razor webcam cover, one just has to slide it to the right to cover the webcam or slide it to the left to open it up. 


There are tons of choices beyond this popular one, though, ranging from eco-friendly webcam covers made of wood to custom-shaped webcam covers that can depict logos, emojis, and so on.


Phones and tablets can be protected from camfecting (“camera” + “infecting”), too, with webcam cover peeps – circular openings that swivel without harming the camera lens. 


For an enhanced version of this gift, consider a custom tech gift box, full of privacy promo products like the Original 1.0 Webcam Cover, a USB data blocker, an RFID blocking card, and a three-clip cable organizer.


Find more custom-printed webcam covers here


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