How to Add Creative Flair to Your Promotional Products

  • Feb 26, 2015

Are You Creating Custom Promotional Products or Just Using Off-the-Shelf Swag?

Austin, Texas: Promotional products have gotten much more creative over the past few years– with all types of customization options.

But are you taking advantage of the customization possibilities?

In my last post I wrote about how creating custom packaging can make your marketing campaigns and promotional products really stand out.

Now I want you to consider the wide variety of customization now available on promotional products due to new equipment and production methods, improved ability to match Pantone colors and lower molding costs.

Here are just a few examples of custom promotional products that you can consider–with as few as 4-6 weeks for turnaround time…just to help you think outside the traditional box.

For the first example, these promotional USB wall chargers were designed in custom Pantone colors to match the exact color scheme of these famous brands.

promotional usb wall chargers

custom promotional wall chargers







Rather than to just settle for a 2 color logo on a white wall charger, we can now customize the entire product in your exact color scheme–making them better for overall branding.

Another area where we are doing a great deal of customization is with promotional power chargers.

Again, rather than to use a standard promotional power stick, we now have the capabilities of creating 3D power chargers to match your logo, iconic building, mascot or symbol– or anything else…in as few as 100 pieces.

Here are a few recent examples of custom 3D promotional power chargers to help generate some ideas for you:

promotional power chargers custom 3d power chargers







A final example is custom 3D selfie sticks.

Promotional selfie sticks are one of the hottest gift items around–and we now have the capabilities of customizing the handles in 3D – plus do a custom sleeve–in quantities as few as 250 pieces.








Look, we love off the shelf promotional products as much as anyone. They are perfect for last minute or low minimum orders.

But if you have the time, let’s discuss how we can make your next promotional product campaign unique only to you… and make your swag the talk of your event and on social media.

Happy Promoting!

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