How to Increase Sales By Creating a Niche in Your Business

  • Oct 30, 2015

Why it Makes Marketing Sense to Create a Niche for Your Business

by Robert Piller

If you look up promotionalwhat is your marketing niche? products distributors, you will probably find over 30,000 listings. If you narrow it down to your specific city, you’ll probably find at least 50– of all sizes and reputations.

So, how do we compete and stay competitive?

How does Geek Tech Branding continue to grow market share significantly year after year?

We focus on one specific niche–promotional tech products.

It is that simple–we focus on one niche–and we crush it!

We know imprinted tech products better than anyone –so when clients and prospects have questions on promotional power chargers for their brand marketing — or about imprinted Bluetooth speakers or headphones for a conference of for client gifts –we can give them the best advice.

Our team goes to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas as well as other industry-specific conferences and events.

We read industry publications, blogs, review sites, websites, forums and we take factory tours.

We sample and test products, talk to factory reps, get involved in beta tests and product development meetings and go overseas to see how and where these electronic products are made.

We take advanced classes on product safety and CPSIA – to ensure that our clients are protected when they choose their promotional tech gifts.

We go the extra mile in continuing education on tech products — because it is our only focus.

Bottom line, we know imprinted tech products better than anyone else and that has immense value to our clients.

After all, how can you be an expert in tech products if you spend most of your time selling cheap ballpoint pens, imprinted 99 cent tote bags, fridge magnets and 39 cent key tags?  You can’t be.

Bottom line- become an expert in one niche and satisfy those clients looking for advice and guidance in that area.

Being a jack-of-all-trades or a generalist just does not cut it these days.

Bottom line, people want expertise and if you cannot provide it, you will lose sales and opportunities to those that can offer guidance and sound advice.

Customers are demanding and expecting value for their purchases — so you need to help them make the best decisions for their dollars.

What niche are you serving?

If you don’t have one if you want to survive– and to thrive yet, it is time to go back to the drawing board and create your own niche and point of differentiation.

Happy Marketing!


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