How, When and Where Are You Trying to Reach Your Target Market?

  • Aug 30, 2013

ideas to better reach your target audienceAre You Utilizing the Right Tools in Reaching Your Target Market?

Austin, Texas: I read a fascinating report by gyro, in association with Forbes Insights, the other day that said:

52% of customers make business decisions en route to work.

59% make business decisions at home.

52% receive business information round the clock, including weekends.

So, bottom line, if you are not engaging with your potential audience the way they want to be reached — and when and where they want to be reached – you are missing out on a great deal of business–more than 50 percent!

I have a vendor that still calls me when I tell her repeatedly to email me. She needs to reach me how I want to be reached – or I will continue to let her calls go to voice mail.

I have clients that want to be texted instead of emailed–so I do it.

I have others that want Skype meetings, so I schedule those.

I have others that like to be reached at night- so I make time for those conversations.

It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about the clients.

How about you?

Are you reaching your target market when they want to be reached?

On the devices they want to be communicated with?

At the time they want to hear from you?

If not, it should be time to re-consider your sincerity in capturing the hearts and minds of your target market.

Are you seriously interested in increasing sales? Then be serious in your marketing approach too.

You need to reach your target market how, when and where they want to be reached.

Happy Marketing!

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