Increasing Sales is as Simple as Customer Service 101

  • Dec 5, 2013

There is No Better Way to Increase Sales Than With Improved Customer Service

Austin, TX: Since we spun off our high-tech promotional company, nearly a year ago, we have noticed a phenomenal sales increase month over month.

Reorders have been coming in faster than anticipated and our Christmas season has been better than we had hoped for.

We have asked our customers for feedback and he number one answer is GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Nothing more than Customer Service 101 .. but it works and is very effective.

We return all emails within an hour. All emails.

We acknowledge orders right away.

We answer customers in the way they have responded to us initially. For example, phone calls get answered with phone calls. Emails with emails, texts with text responses, etc. We are here to serve our customers .. and we use whichever platform they prefer...regardless of the fact that we are a tech company.

No egos.

I answer many of our phone calls, I don’t mind getting dirty in the warehouse with my team.

And I put MY email on our website so I can better respond to customer requests, questions, feedback, compliments and, dare I say, complaints. Not sales@.. or info@…, but

What are you doing to improve your customer service?

Don’t think of customer service as a department or as a task.

It is an on-going system that sets your company apart from your competition.

And, believe it or not, good customer service gets noticed.

I get referrals all the time from companies that were amazed with our customer service.


What is amazing is how truly starved for good customer service buyers are these days. We are just treating customers the way we would want to be treated.

If customer service is so poor in the real world, the low-hanging fruit alone could be worth a ton of extra business to you each year. To say nothing of the repeat business and referrals.

Make plans to improve your customer service immediately.

Be pro-active,

Set clear policies on response times to inquiries.

And monitor your results on a regular basis.

Here’s to a successful 2014!

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