New Way To Market Your Brand - Buy or Rename a City

  • Jul 18, 2012

New advertising Idea- Naming a City

Can naming rights to a city be too far off?

Welcome to Viagra, NY

Austin, Texas: A businessman in Texas bought an abandoned town and renamed it after his bar–Bikinis, according to the Austin Business Journal.

He plans to fix up the bar and make it a party destination. Welcome to Bikinis, Texas!

Now, this may be a little tongue-in-cheek, but what if marketers paid cities for their naming rights–much like they do for stadiums.

Imagine:Coca Cola, MN; Viagra, NY ; Fritos, MO ; Olive Garden, CA

It would be a great way for cities to increase revenues without raising taxes.

And imagine the marketing publicity. A city of Microsoft in every state.

Will cities – and counties for that matter – take the easy money and sell their souls?

I wouldn’t bet against it.

Move over, Austin, Texas.

That name had a good run.

Welcome to DownloadIncentives, Texas everyone! Have a nice visit in our town.


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