Top-Selling Printed Face Masks

  • May 21, 2020

These safety items allow people to stay healthy and show their support for their favorite brands!


Due to COVID-19, it is recommended that everyone wear a face mask, in order to protect themselves and others. That being said, many brands have started putting their names and logos onto masks, so that fans can stay well and show off their support for specific businesses, organizations, teams and causes. 


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Now is the perfect time to offer your employees, customers and followers printed safety masks, such as the ones below, which are top-selling items on Geek Tech Branding:


Face Mask 

With a two-ply design, this face mask features a filter pocket and elasticized straps. It is made in the USA, reusable and washable, as well as printed edge-to-edge in full color, allowing a brand to be put on display in a bold way! 


4-Ply Cotton Face Mask 

Next up is a four-ply cotton face mask that is washable and has cotton ear loops. It also complies with the FDA, making it an excellent choice when it comes to staying safe and well.


Reusable Stretch Face Mask 

For a truly comfortable fit, there is this reusable face mask that is made from a single layer of a stretchable polyester and spandex. Its round openings fit behind the ears in a natural way, and one size fits all. 


Reusable Face Mask 

The outer layer of this mask is made of 100% cotton, while the soft inner layer features polyester and spandex. Furthermore, there is a metal nose frame, and there are elastic straps with an adjustable toggle. 


6 Ply Disposable Face Masks 

Another made-in-America option would be a six-ply mask that is form-fitting and disposable.  


Yowie® Express Multi-Functional Rally Wear 

This multi-functional item can be used as a bandanna, wristband, head wrap, scarf, face mask, skull cap, hair band, scrunchie, rally towel and more! Plus, its polyester microfiber material provides warmth in the cold and coolness in the heat.


3-Ply Sublimation Cotton Face Mask 

This three-ply face mask helps provide protection against air pollution, bacteria, smoke, germs and more. Its design has black trim, three layers of fabric, stretchy ear loops and full-color sublimation on the front. 


Customized Reusable Face Mask with Filter and Valve 

This next mask features high-quality cotton that’s washable, a carbon filter, a nose bridge and the option to be imprinted with one or full-color sublimation.


2-Ply Sublimated Polyester Face Mask with Pocket 

Brands can show off their colors, names and logos with this two-ply face mask and its comfortable, over-the-ear design.


Full Color Antimicrobial Tubular Bandanna 


Finally, there is this antimicrobial and tubular bandanna that comes with a full-color imprint on the front and back.


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