What Do Customers REALLY Think About Your Brand?

  • Aug 19, 2013

Does your perception of your brand match reality?Have You Asked Your Customers What Your Brand Means To Them?

Austin, TX: While meeting with a Fortune 500 client last week, the marketing manager was talking about one of his brands with such glowing terms and with such precision that I was confused. I thought he was talking about a different product altogether.

He was talking about a consumer product that had a completely different perception in the marketplace than he was portraying..or thinking about.

Was he imagining things, was he lying to himself or was his facts wrong?

There was a total disconnect between what customers thought of the brand and what the marketing team thought of the brand.

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal last week talking about how the Toyota Scion and Kia Soul cars were both designed for a youth market — yet were instead selling to a vary mature senior audience.

Talk about brand disconnect.

Kia was marketing on TV with rapping and dancing hamsterswith boomboxes – when their audience was actually a baby boomer.

Do you know how your product or brand is really being perceived by the public?

Do some more research.

Interview your customers and resellers.

Run the reports.

Look at your numbers.

Then ask yourself if there is a disconnect between how you perceive your brand and how your buying public perceives it.

Happy Marketing!

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