Which is a Better Value: Promotional Products or Online Ads?

  • Sep 12, 2014

Promotional Products vs Online Ads: Is it an Either/Or Question?

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Austin, Texas: I have many clients that are increasing their ad spend for online marketing (and I’d include our company in that mix) – and they are weighing the value of traditional advertising, promotional products in comparison to pay per click.

As with most situations, it is not an either-or proposition.

Our company has decreased its marketing spend on print ads, direct mail and trade shows and increased our exposure to online ads. I know many of my clients have done the same.

Promotional products sales have increased industry-wide again this past year because it is used to drive traffic to websites and encourage an action step.

Here is a quick comparison in online ads vs. promotional products:

  • Many online ads can be blocked or not seen by your entire audience–where promotional products cannot be blocked.
  • Online ads are fleeting where as promotional products can be used and seen for months or years.
  • Online ads can be expensive–about the same costs as a nice promotional product in many instances.
  • There is a tremendous amount of waste with online ads where promotional products can be targeted to the right buyers–increasing your ROI.

Promotional products can also be used in conjunction with online ads to encourage prospects to fill out an online form in return for a nice promotional product.

I encourage all my clients to put their website, Twitter handle and other social media contact info on their promotional products to drive traffic to their websites.

I see the two forms of advertising increasing-while many other forms of traditional advertising slowly decreasing.

Be creative in using both online ads and promotional products to have them work hand in hand to maximize your success.

Happy Promoting!

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