Why Fidget Cubes & Bubble Poppers Make For Popular Trade Show Giveaways

  • Jan 5, 2023

Fidget toys and popping toys are engaging, helping with sensory issues and stress levels. Promote happiness and health by incorporating them into your brand's giveaways!


popping bubble phone walletA few years ago, fidget cubes rose in popularity. Not only are these little toys super fun, but they can help attention spans and stress levels, too. Then, last year, popping bubble toys were all the rage, offering the same benefits in an exciting new way.


Due to the size of, price of, and interest in these toys, they work as effective and engaging trade show giveaway items. Additionally, they are easy to transport and distribute, visually appealing, and entertaining, and they even have wellness benefits that appeal to attendees of all ages.


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That being said, consider the following promo products:


Popper Ball: Made of squeezably soft silicone, this popper ball relieves stress, helps with focus, and is great for sensory issues. It’s super fidget bubble keychainInteractive, regaining its shape with each squeeze. 


Popper Phone Wallet: Two brilliant ideas have been combined here, as people can relieve stress and keep IDs and credit cards in one place! The popper phone wallet adheres to mobile phones with 3M stick tape,can easily be removed, and securely holds three debit, credit and/or ID cards.


popping bubble gamePopper Keychain: People can fidget and pop on the go with a popping bubble keychain – one that is made of high-grade silicone and features a durable metal split ring. 


Tangram Bubble Fidget Toy: This tangram puzzle push pop is two games in one; in addition to serving as a sensory toy, it has seven puzzle pieces that can fit together in different ways, adding even more entertainment and anxiety relief.


Dinosaur Push Pop Bubble Toy: Finally, there are shaped bubble poppers, such as an eye-catching and engaging dinosaur. 


Find more custom-printed fidget cubes and branded bubble poppers here!

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