Effective Employee Retention = Effective Employee Recognition

  • Oct 18, 2023

The average employee stays at one job for just four years (Bureau of Labor Statistics).


Labor shortages remain a top concern for 80 percent of businesses (Society for Human Resource Management).


But there is a strategic way to attract and retain employees: incentive programs.


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These days, job candidates have standards higher than ever. They want competitive pay, flexible hours, good benefits, vacation days…and they want to be recognized for their work. When employers notice and praise a job well done, it leads to…

  • a happier staff/a happier work environment (Workhuman)
  • increased productivity
  • a decrease in employee burnout
  • and (at least) a 21% boost in profits (Gallup)


Recognition and rewards can successfully be used to motivate teams, but HR/hiring professionals must think and choose carefully. Employee incentives must be thoughtful, useful items that promote company culture while still celebrating individuals. 


Branded merch – such as laptop backpacks, Bluetooth speakers, Stanley tumblers, and smart watches – covers all of these bases and more. These gifts serve as tools that can be used while working in the office, traveling for business, hanging out at home, or exercising in the gym. They are high-quality products that will last for years. All of them can be customized with names, logos, taglines, and colors, which turns them into walking billboards for your brand. And they’re sleek and stylish ways to recognize and retain your staff.  

elleven™ TSA 17 Computer BackpackColorwav SoundbarStanley® 30 Oz. IceFlow™ Flip Straw TumblerThe Metro Sport Smart Watch - Fully compatible with Apple and Android

As soon as you bring on a new hire, you should welcome them with an onboarding kit. This immediately a. sets them up for success, as they’re equipped with gear needed to get the job done and b. shows them that they are part of a team that works together and celebrates together.   


If suitable, your brand should allow work-from-home days, and you can even ship remote worker gift sets straight to everyone’s door. This, once again, provides them with essential home office gear and shows appreciation. 


When the holiday season rolls around, get personal with individual employee gifts that remind them that you care and that they are needed. And feel free to shower them with rewards throughout the year, too! As mentioned, this boosts productivity and revenue and cuts down on burnout and the overall workforce shortage problems. 

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